From Presence-Based to Digital…

Mabel Montalvo
Vice President & Business Development
February 23, 2021

The transition to technology has accelerated, bypassing phases essential for an effective digital transformation. Here are four critical steps for a successful digital transformation:

  1. The support of the organization's leadership is crucial since every technological solution arises from a problem with an intelligent search for a solution tied to the business strategy.
  2. The transition to digital should not duplicate a problem.  It involves analysis, the definition of intention, and adaptation to a new medium. Otherwise, it would just be a meaningless tool.
  3.  Listening to the needs of the users is the biggest challenge we face to achieve the commitment of all the resources impacted by the proposed solution.
  4.  Finally, and before any launch, we should carry out all tests possible. Here, finding bugs is the name of the game.  We should follow a single mission: to release an easy-to-use solution that actively engages the user community.

After all... isn't the true digital transformation one that achieves a participatory commitment of the entire organization?

Ms. Montalvo is Vice President of VICOM, a technology, and multimedia company specializing in the development and strengthening of digital communities. Let us transform your external and internal communities into the productive teams of tomorrow. We are at your disposal via or (787) 728-5252.

Published by El Nuevo Día Newspaper on September 14, 2020


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