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“If you want to go quickly, go alone… if you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb
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Who is VICOM

VICOM is...

A results-driven technology and multimedia company that develops and integrates service oriented, communication, and education tools to create and strengthen digital communities.

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DIgital Communities

Communities ARE...

The virtual integration of individuals who as a group represent common interests and goals in any organization.


Follow a celebration of those who have managed to integrate their vision with our technology, achieving digital transformation. Behind every digital transformation, there are bold people, we call them “heroes”, daring, persistent and visionary people. In this series, we feature our heroes, those who made a difference within their organizations.
Colegio de CPA de Puero Rico (CCPA-PR)

The Puerto Rico CPA College has transformed its electoral processes by adopting the VICOMeVOTE platform, enabling a secure and efficient voting process for CPAs. This digital solution has revolutionized member engagement and maintained participation during challenging times. We proudly recognize them as #ClientesHeroes for their visionary approach.

Instituto Educación Práctica (IEP) del Colegio de Abogados y Abogadas de PR (CAAPR)

Every so often, a solution can only be found when brave individuals act and make decisions. In the case of CAAPR, multiple proposals were evaluated before starting the development of VICOMeLEARN, a platform for on-demand courses. In 2015, two visionary lawyers made the decision to transition from traditional courses to digital media, creating a new way for students to purchase and access courses, at any time from anywhere. Today, they are recognized as #ClientesHeroes.

Avatar VICOM Employee
Salvatore Nolfo
CEO & Founder
“Partnering with VICOM is a business strategy to combine strengths with a common vision focused on trust and development of long-term relationships”.
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What We Do


Everything we do is propelled by a deep understanding of our client’s needs, service, and the development of trust. The same values are applied to the development of digital communities using the internet as a common platform.

We work to impact the scenario of our clients by creating active digital communities that foster a sense of belonging and generate commitment, forming solid relationships in the short and long term.

How We do it

How we do it?

We draw upon deep expertise to provide a relevant experience to the community of users by providing service through digital solutions, video communication to promote engaging ideas, instructional content, and on-demand education to support the individual growth journey.





Business Growth

Avatar Place Holder
Mabel Montalvo
Vice President &
Business Development
“We work every day to bring people together and, most importantly, keep people together”.
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What we do?

We combine our companies’ strengths in video production and information systems to form a primary communications portal. A digital channel strategically developed to encourage engagement and long-term relationships between our clients and their customers, employees, suppliers, and/or colleagues.


Information Systems, Video Productions, and
Multimedia Integrated to Offer Simple Solutions
Alex Rodriguez VICOM
Alex Rodríguez Rodríguez
Business Administrator
“We focus on simple solutions for complex problems, always staying relevant for all stakeholders”.
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Innovative digital voting platforms and on-demand course system.

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